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Debbie The Artist(they/themme) is a non-binary black-queer-feminist who embodies the power of creative expression as a vehicle for social change. Unapologetic in the pursuit of social justice and racial equity, Debbie pictures a revolutionary society where folks can exercise their fundamental human rights free from fear. This abolitionist politic shows up in all that they do. When they say, “Art is who and what I am”, what they mean is art is their tool, their medicine, their voice and vision. The songbird hails from Durham, North Carolina where they shake, make, bake, and create. Debbie writes music rooted primarily in the lived experiences of love, loss, magic, and triumph.

Their approach as an interdisciplinary artist is emblematic of a redefined “hustle”—where they become the alchemist and the world is their canvas. The desire for upcycling, music, and photographic creations serve as representation for black folks who often don’t have the chance to see themselves or their voices represented in modern and contemporary art forms. At the heart of their visualwork is a collage process combining various recycled media in order to find new ways of being.